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Are you an STA Travel customer who has unique insight about a destination, insider travel tips, or just a really great travel story to share? We want to hear it! As an added bonus, we’ll even award you with a $50 Visa gift card* when your blog post is published on the STA Travel Blog.

Please fill out the form below to have your guest post considered, and be sure to read over all the below terms and conditions:

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Content Requirements:

  • Must be original content and previously unpublished – read over blog to see what already exists
  • Content must resonate with STA Travel demographic (millennial and Gen Z travelers, students, youth)
  • A humorous, conversational tone is encouraged
  • Write what you know! Posts that do well and engage readers are those that really give an idea of a destination; think about places you’ve been, tours you’ve participated in, etc., and compile content based on those experiences.
  • Be brief, no more than 1000 words
  • STA Travel will have final editing approval to make sure content resonates with readers – edits may be suggested before final publication
  • STA Travel brand links and CTAs (calls to action) will be added, where appropriate

Types of Posts to Consider:

Consider the following styles of posts, as these tend to resonate more fully with STA Travel readers:

$50 Visa E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  1. Entry is free and open to U.S. residents who are also prior and/or current STA Travel US customers (identifiable by providing requested details of a valid STA Travel booking) who complete, in full, the entry form above.
  2. Valid only for STA Travel customers who have blog posts that are approved by the STA Travel US Marketing Team for publishing on the STA Travel blog. Once the blog post has been approved and published, individual customers will be contacted by a member of the STA Travel US Marketing Team with details on how to redeem the gift card.
  3. Only individuals who have submissions deemed appropriate for publishing (see “content requirements” above) will be contacted by STA Travel.
  4. Please allow up to 30 days to be contacted by STA Travel after submitting your post idea, keeping in mind condition three (3) noted above.
  5. A contact email address must be provided in order for STA Travel to communicate and provide feedback to customers regarding potential blog posts
  6. Customer blog posts ideas submitted through the above contact form will be approved on a case by case basis.
  7. All published posts on the STA Travel blog become and remain the property of STA Travel.
  8. Once blog post is accepted and published by STA Travel, the $50 Visa e-gift card will be processed and sent via email to the customer. Please allow up to three (3) weeks for the gift card to be delivered.
  9. STA Travel also reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who STA Travel has reason to believe has breached any of these conditions, or engaged in any unlawful or other improper misconduct calculated to jeopardize the fair and proper conduct of the $50 gift card incentive. STA Travel’s legal rights to recover damages or other compensation from such an offender are reserved.
  10. Offer subject to removal at any time without notice.