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Dear BlueTicket...

Thank you for having the lowest prices, the most flexibility fares and the fewest rules for international travel. Your services to students have been duly noted.

BlueTicket fares

World's leading airlines

Over 60 of the world's leading airlines have joined our BlueTicket network, including Qatar, Qantas, Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

flight deposit

Secure with a deposit

Step away from the flu trial clinic! All international fares can be booked with a deposit instore or on the phone, leaving 'future you' to pay it off later.

multistop routes

Fares for rebels

Book 18 month tickets, add unlimited stopovers and design your own multi-stop route with a Travel Expert instore or on the phone.

flexible airfares

Freedom and flexibility

Most of our BlueTickets have super low date change fees and cancellation conditions, so that you can stay free and flighty on the road.

round the world

Save more on multi city routes

If you're a student or under 30 years old, you can take advantage of our exclusive BlueTicket fares to save more money on multi city flight routes or book further in advance to get the best deals.

The BlueTicket story

Back in 1979, STA Travel's flare-wearing forefathers created the first ever tickets for students and young people. They were cheaper, more flexible and flew in the face of everything we'd ever known about airfares – offering unlimited stopovers, rebellious routings and bargain date changes. They were printed on blue paper, so today, we call them BlueTickets. (Slow day for the marketing team).
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Multi-city flights

We wanted to prove just how much freedom and flexibility you get with our exclusive BlueTickets. So we took our colleague's dachshund, Nixon, and created a multi-stop route in his honour. With BlueTicket, any combination is possible. Even canine ones. Make your own or choose from one of our legendary routes.
Top multi-stop routes

But wait, I'm not a student...

Yes, we realise that this all seems a bit unfair to tax payers and the over 30s. That's why we have an open-to-all version of many of our BlueTickets, all offering the same unique freedom and flexibility. We just didn’t want to call them GreyTickets that’s all, out of respect.