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Everybody loves a discount. If you're a student, under 31 years old or a teacher, grab a discount card and get thousands of travel, online shopping and lifestyle discounts in the US and over 133 countries worldwide!


Traveling internationally? Get a 180-day travel insurance policy when you get a Basic, Premium or Explorer card. Find out about coverage details by picking your card type below. 

Card Terms and Conditions

Cards for Students, Under 31s and Teachers

Ready to get access to great deals on products, services and experiences worldwide? Pick the best card for you below and start saving today!
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The International Student Identity Card (ISIC for short) gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts at home and abroad. It's the only internationally accepted proof that you are a student, and will save you money on flights, accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment all around the world, all starting at just $20! 
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Youth (30 and younger)

Your student days may be over but you're still in your prime! If you're 30 or younger, you can get a youth travel card (IYTC), saving you money on flights, travel, entertainment and more. Discounts are available in cities across the US and all over the world.
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It's not just the students who get all the fun, teachers can get involved too! The International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC) gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts. It’s accepted in the US & worldwide, all starting at $20!
From $20
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ISIC, IYTC & ITIC cardholders get access to exclusive deals, including our STA Travel BlueTicket fares.
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All of our cards are now issued virtually, so no plastic ID cards to carry around or lose. 
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ISIC, IYTC and ITIC cardholder offers can be found in 133 countries around the world. 

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Terms and conditions

Eligibility conditions apply (proof required)


To be eligible for an ISIC card you must be: A full time student at school, college, language school, university or if you’re in higher education.  There’s no maximum age limit, but the minimum age is 12 years.  ‘Full-time’ means 12 weeks or more of study during one academic year.  The ISIC card is subject to the eligibility requirements already mentioned and is conditional upon approval. ISIC card is presented in the form of a virtual card. Discounts and offers available via ISIC are subject to change at any time, without notice. Please refer to  for offer details. Additional terms and conditions may apply to individual discounts.


To be eligible for an IYTC card you must be: Aged between 12 and 30 (inclusive). You will need to show us proof of your date of birth with a driver’s license, passport or birth certificate. You do not need to be a student.  The IYTC card is valid for one year from the date of issue, so you need to apply for the IYTC card before your 31st birthday in order to be eligible for the card.  For discounts visit:  Discounts correct as of July 2019 and are subject to change without notice. Additional terms and conditions may apply to individual discounts


To be eligible for an ITIC, you must be: A teacher, professor or instructor engaged in full time employment at an accredited educational establishment for a minimum of 18 hours per week and for a minimum of one academic year. The ITIC card gives you access to many of the same benefits and discounts as the ISIC card. Each ITIC card is valid for up to 12 months, starting from the date of issue.