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International Language Courses

There's a lot more to learning a language abroad than meets the eye. This is why we've put together some awesome worldwide language courses that will have you talking like a local in no time! Boost your resume with international study abroad experience, make new friends and discover a whole new way of living with our centrally-located schools across the world.

Why learn a language?

  • Boost your resume
    Now there's world traveller and world traveller with a passion for learning. Studying a language in a new environment abroad is the perfect way to boost your confidence whilst adding some sparkle to your resume.
  • Make friends with locals
    Test out your new found language skills on the locals and make new friends along the way.
  • Live somewhere epic
    Don't let the fear of not knowing how to speak the language stop your from exploring a new country. There's nothing better than learning a language in a native location. Plus, you get to travel!

How it works

  • Pick your destination of choice from our selection below
  • Decide on you level of learning - Pick a course that's based around what interests you and your current level of knowledge, we have both standard and intensive courses available.
  • Speak to one of our friendly travel experts to find out more about your visa requirements and accommodation options.
  • Pack your bags!
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Top tips for learning a language

Learn a language abroad

Practice makes perfect

Getting to grops with a language will take at least 2 weeks of intensive study and practice, but doing a little bit each day will really help to make a difference!

Engage with the locals

Leave your comfort zone and try out your new found language skills on the locals, whether it's asking for directions or ordering a coffee at a cafe, you'll learn from the people you meet.

Immerse yourself in the culture

Get stuck into the local way of living and watch a couple of tv shows, grab the local paper or even extend your stay with an additional local course such as tango lessons!

Local living

Opt to live with a host family for the duration of your study trip where you can practice your language skills outside of the classroom. Speak to one of our travel experts for more information!

Worldwide language courses

learn a language

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

From its winding medieval streets in the Gothic quarter, artistic atmosphere and sunny beaches, Barcelona is definitely the place to take advantage of the opportunity to learn Spanish. Courses are for 20 lessons per week and you can either opt in from homestay or to live in a shared apartment during your stay.
Learn a language abroad

Learn French in Paris

Paris is packed with iconic monuments, amazing art, history and great food. And where better than to learn French than in France itself? With standard to intensive courses on offer, the choice is yours.

Learn Italian in Rome

If you can picture yourself sipping an espresso in a street side café speaking Italian with new friends then Rome might be the place for you. Take courses of up to 30 lessons per week in spacious and bright classrooms with your new friends.
Learn a language abroad

Learn Japanese in Tokyo

What better than to learn Japanese in the vibrant and exciting city of Tokyo? Discover the amazing sights, sounds and Japanese cuisine whilst enrolling onto a standard or intensive course based at the heart of the city.
learn a language abroad

Learn Manadrin in China

Learn Mandarin in one of the two most fascinating cities in China. Beijing has ultra-modern skyscrapers or pay a visit to China's trendiest city of Shanghai for the opportunity to choose standard or combination courses including private lessons.

Learn Spanish in Peru

Peru is filled with stunning scenery, charming old towns and colonial architecture. Why not make the leap and study a 16 or 20 lesson spanish course in Lima?

Can I arrange accommodation as part of my language program?

We offer a fantastic variety of accommodation options depending on your course. Self-catered apartments or boarding houses are perfect for all those independent types. Shared and student apartments are great if you would like a bit of company (and a practice buddy or two!). There's also the option to arrange a homestay with a local family. Simply ask one of our friendly travel experts for more information.

Can I learn a language abroad and volunteer?

Indeed you can! We've also got plenty of volunteering programs in selected countries on our dedicated volunteering page, so if you would like to extend your stay after your course is over ask one of our travel experts to help you arrange to do some volunteering.

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