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MultiFLEX Flight Passes

Date Change Passes From $49

If your flights are eligible, you can buy one of our exclusive MultiFlex passes before you fly and have the freedom to change the date of your flights without having to pay the nasty change fees.

Choose from three MultiFLEX passes and save that money for something far more important (South American beers...)!
Multiflex Pass
  • No Change Fees >

    MultiFLEX covers all change fees. If the new flight is more expensive than the original, you WILL have to pay the difference.

  • Buy Before you go >

    Buy your pass before you fly and change your dates once you've left the US. Please check that your flight is eligible, as not all of them are!

  • Online Changes >

    Make your changes online by emailing our Travel Help Team.

One Change Pass from $49

Our one change pass is a great reassurance if you've booked a round-trip flight but think you might end up staying a bit longer (or coming home early...but then why would you want to do that?!). Call our travel experts to find out if your flight is eligible and buy the pass for just $49.
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Unlimited Change Pass from $149

This is the ultimate in flexibility! With this pass, get unlimited changes without change fees - perfect for round the world adventures. So if you realize you can be in Cuzco for the annual Inti Raymi festival or you just can't bear to leave the Thai islands (and who can blame you?), you can change your flight dates online and carry on skipping round the planet for as long as you like!
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3 Change Pass from $99

Our 3 change MultiFLEX pass is ideal for one of our awesome multistop routes. With this pass you can change flight dates three times once you've departed without change fees, saving you $$$s! Speak to one of our travel experts for more information or call us now to book!
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