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STA Travel's Social Responsibility

Yes to exploring, not to exploiting

Over the last four decades, we've helped thousands of travelers explore the planet, watching them return with a greater sense of the world we share.

Today, we recognize more than ever that with these great adventures, comes an even greater responsibility. Travel has the power to change how we think, to break down boundaries and to leave a positive imprint on communities. As a company, we're making a stand for what we believe in. And as travelers, we encourage you to do the same.

Your trip can help us change lives. Donate with your booking to our global teen cancer collaboration and say no to adventures that exploit animals.
logos of worldwide teen cancer organizations
A pig swimming in the clear blue waters of the Bahamas

Making a STAnd: Animal Welfare

We were one of the first travel companies to make a STAnd on animal welfare. So far, we have excluded over 4,000 of our suppliers’ tours and activities, including elephant riding, Pamplona Running of the Bulls and Tiger Temple Thailand. We work closely with ABTA and their Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism, to ensure the animals in activities we promote are properly cared for.
A group of adult volunteers paining a gray building with pink paint, and one of the volunteers is holding a young child

Making a STAnd: Volunteering

We love that our travelers want to give back on their trips. But unfortunately, volunteer projects can often be mismanaged, exploiting communities for profit rather than helping them. We believe that volunteering should have a lasting and positive impact, meeting both the local needs of communities and the desires of travellers to make a worthwhile contribution. 
The backs of two Guatemalan women wearing traditional brightly colored woven clothing holding a young boy

Making a STAnd: Anti-slavery

We are proud to be the world's largest student and youth travel company. As industry leaders, we are committed to ensuring that all our employees, guides and instructors are fairly treated in their workplace (whether that be 17,000 feet above ground in Nepal, or beneath the ocean's surface in Belize) and that the suppliers we work with are free from slavery and human trafficking.
A rock climber on the side of a cliff and the STA Travel Customer Safety Matters logo