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Our series of short films

See the Philippines through the eyes of  Mollie, Josh, Ben and Maggie as they journey through volcanic peaks, blissful archipelagos, humbling villages and underwater havens. These four short pieces of ground-breaking film showcase a candid side of this little-known southeast Asian paradise, full of blinding colour, beautiful sunsets, laughter and smiles.

This is the real Philippines...

Introducing our Reel Philippines directors...

Mollie Reel Philippines director
London-based filmmaker Mollie spent a week basking in the sun of the Philippines' beaches, capturing the swaying palms, local life and kids playing. She started out filming communities in a Hackney council estate before winning a Nike award for Best Young Filmmaker. "I get to travel the world, meet inspiring characters, work with iconic brands, and most importantly, make films about what I love - I feel very blessed!"
Maggie reel philippines director
Maggie, who captured our candid portrait of social tourism, grew up a traveler, and started out in film by making stop motion movies from clay at the age of 13. She's since worked on TV series and documentary movies that have been screened at international festivals.
Ben Reel philipines
Ben brought Philippine's beaches and island communities to your screens with our Island Hopping video. His award-winning work has reached just about every corner of the globe, racking up over 5 million views online. He believes that the most engaging content is often a result of un-scripted events... we'd have to agree.
Josh Reel Philippines director
Josh is a London-based filmmaker and photographer who travelled the world for 15 months making short travel films, documentaries and music videos. He took time off from his 9-5 at JacksGap to trek through the Philippines' dramatic volcanic landscapes, capturing it all. More recently he has worked alongside Rudimental and FHM.

Reel Philippines: Behind the Scenes

Find out what else went down on our four directors' journeys and gather some further inspiration for your own Philippines pilgrimage with our exclusive Director's Cuts below...