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Refund Policy

Last updated: Jun 12, 2020

We're sorry that your travel plans have been impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic and thank you for your patience and support while we work with our partners to coordinate the cancellation of bookings.

We have been working with our teams and offices around the world, alongside governing bodies and industry partners to find solutions for you, our customers. At STA Travel we partner with hundreds of airlines and travel operators around the world each dealing with this crisis in different ways, adding a significant layer of complexity and delay to processes.

We have supported over 33,000 customers with their return home, or imminent travel, while shutting our own stores and offices and setting ourselves up to work from home. We have also tried to simplify things to deliver the best solutions at speed while supporting the volume of customers. In most cases, we have found appropriate solutions that have resulted in satisfied customers, however we know that this has not been the case for everyone.

This pandemic falls within the category of force majeure, meaning our usual way of working has to change as outlined in our terms and conditions. We have taken the decision to be transparent and set out the options available for STA Travel customers depending on where and what you’ve booked through us. We hope that this helps in understanding how your booking will be handled by our partners and teams.

On behalf of everyone at STA Travel, thank you for your support and patience. We wish you all good health.

Please find the relevant information below depending on what you originally booked through us

If you originally booked any flight on an exclusive BlueTicket* airfare, please click here
*Exclusive BlueTicket airfares are a type of fare that are lower for students and travellers under 31, and offer added flexibility at time of booking for all travellers, and as such different rules apply. To understand if the airfare you’ve booked with us is an exclusive BlueTicket airfare, please refer to the ticket number on the documentation we’ve sent to you. If your ticket number begins with ‘000’ you have an exclusive BlueTicket airfare, if it begins with any other number regular airline conditions apply.

If you have booked any flight with that is not on an exclusive BlueTicket* airfare, please click here
*If your ticket number begins with ‘000’ you have an exclusive BlueTicket airfare

If you have booked a tour, accommodation, or any other type of product, please click here

Refund Policy FAQs

My booking was cancelled, will I receive a refund?

We're sorry to hear that your booking with us was impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic. During this time, as the situation continues to develop customers have been given a number of options. In many cases, if we get a refund from your travel provider, we will pass that refund on to you. In all other cases we will either rebook your travel for the future or provide a Credit Note from the travel provider.

When will I receive a refund?

Once we receive your refund from your travel provider you can expect it to be returned to you within 30-60 days

Why have I not received a full refund?

As per STA Travel’s terms and conditions, we are only able to provide cash refunds for travel where your travel provider has policies that support this. This is why you may receive a cash refund for some travel on your booking, and a Credit Note for other.

What is a Credit Note?

A Credit Note holds the value of your booking. It can be used against future travel booked through STA Travel and is protected in the same way any other products are that are booked through us.

What are the benefits of accepting a Credit Note?

In many cases, Credit Notes have additional value or flexibility added to them beyond what you had on your original booking. This may be extended validity so you can use it at a future date most suitable to you, flexibility in the form of free date or destination changes, or the ability to transfer it between friends or family members. In some instances, a travel provider may also increase your original booking value.

I don't know when I'll be able to travel, how long is the Credit Note valid?

Most Credit Notes are valid for at least 12 months, however this differs depending on the travel provider. Please refer to the information above, or speak to your Travel Expert.

What happens once the Credit Note has expired?

This varies depending on the conditions of the travel provider who has passed on the Credit Note, and in all cases STA Travel will pass on the same conditions to you.

Is the Credit Note protected in case STA Travel does not exist in future?

A Credit Note works in the same way as products originally booked with STA Travel, and are protected accordingly.

Can I use my Credit Note to book anything with STA Travel?

In most cases you’ll be required to use the Credit Note to book with the same travel provider, however you’ll be given flexibility in terms of dates and destinations.

Can I transfer my Credit Note to someone else?

If you originally booked a flight on an exclusive BlueTicket airfare, then yes, your Credit Note is fully transferable to a friend or family member subject to the BlueTicket Terms and Conditions which can be found here. If you booked with one of our travel providers and they have issued a Credit Note it is subject to the conditions they’ll pass on to you.