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Study Abroad Scholarships

Ever dreamed of breaking the routine and living the student dream on more distant shores? Well, maybe it’s time to shake up your studies! And to help make it happen, STA Travel teams up with a variety of partners to help make your study abroad dreams a reality.

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Why apply for a scholarship abroad?

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Improve your Resume

Future employers will be blown away if you’ve won a scholarship and lived abroad in an exciting country. You’ll develop plenty of skills important for adult life, and will always have something to talk about in job interviews!
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Learn a Language

Studying in a country where English isn’t the first language gives you the perfect opportunity to learn a second one. Trust us, it’ll get easier after the first few weeks!
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Make New Friends

Whether you mingle with interesting locals or meet likeminded students from elsewhere in the world, the conversations you’ll have and the friendships you’ll form during your scholarship are bound to be more exciting than the ones you’ll make back home!
A young man wearing a cap and backpack looking off to distant woods

... Why Not?

The people you'll meet, the adventures you'll have, and all of the amazing culture you'll soak up are the greatest reasons of all to make the leap away from your everyday lecture hall!

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