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Solo travel inspiration

Hello solo travel tribe! We're here to celebrate everything amazing about solo travel, and hopefully give you the inspiration you need to head off on your own solo travel adventure. There's nothing we love more than travelers who head out to explore the world on their own terms, no compromises, just total freedom. So, keep doing you!

Top tips for solo travelers

destination choice

Research your destination

If you're a first-timer, research destinations that are well-traveled and get recommendations from other solo travelers. Once you've been to a couple of places on your own you'll have more confidence to visit more places which are off-the-beaten-track.

pack light

Pack light

You're a one-man-band so make sure you pack efficiently - try microfibre travel towels, light-weight rucksack/suitcase and jacket, and a small carry-on. If you're a bookworm, don't pack tons of books - there'll be book swaps in cafes and hostels along the way!


Mix with other travelers

Sociable hostels (check the reviews), organised group tours, volunteer placements and local day-trips are easy ways of mixing with other travellers (and you might even find a travel buddy or two).

arrive early

Arrive during the day

Try not to arrive in the evening or late at night, especially if you're a first-timer. Trying to negotiate your way to a hostel in the dark when you're in an unfamiliar place can be quite overwhelming.

apps for solo travellers

Download these handy apps

There are hundreds of apps out there, but the main ones are Skype, (offline map) a translator app as well as a currency converter, Uber and Spotify for those long and boring coach rides.

meet the locals

Embrace local experiences

Whether it's a local cooking class, a home-stay, a village visit or another local experience... get amongst it. You'll get a real feel for the culture and you'll meet other travelers with the same interests as you.

Our top destinations for solo travelers

There are so many countries and cities across the globe where you can step out on your own and soak up all the culture has to offer. Plus, hostels are the ideal place to stay if you're on your lonesome: with communal areas, fellow solo travelers, jam-packed social activities and centralized locations. So we've included a link to all of the hostels (or tours with hostels) we'd recommend per city... so check them out!
The beating heart of the UK, London is a diverse, buzzing city that welcomes tourists with open arms. From an eclectic music scene to a host of weekend markets, a brunch culture to a collection of old-school tearoom's... there's something new and exciting around every corner of London, and you'll find that hostels are full of like-minded travelers wanting to explore all the quirks of this vibrant capital.
Get stuck in to backpacker life in the dazzling city of Bangkok - the crazy, chaotic diamond that's a little rough around the edges (but in the best possible way). It's the perfect gateway to the rest of Thailand, and you can plan your visit with the help of hostel staff who will be happy to help you out! If you're a first-time solo traveler, Bangkok is great - as most people can speak English, you're not thrown in to a completely different culture, but you can easily head out to the outskirts and find the traditional side of Thailand.
morocco travel
The Arabian magic of Morocco has lured travelers in, and even secured its place on our list of trending destinations for 2019. We've partnered with Intrepid to provide a unique 8-day, female-only tour to explore this North African gem. Perfect for solo female travelers (or even friends) to gain a deeper understanding about the lives of women in Morocco.
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