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Eat, sleep, deadlines, repeat. Is this your life right now? We feel you buddy! You need something to look forward to, and that's where we come in (we're not known as the world's largest student and youth travel company for nothing, you know). Whether you're looking for student discounts, travel deals, student travel programs, or you just need a break from reading your physics/maths/english/some other ridiculously large book, then you've come to the right place. We live and breathe student travel adventures!

Study abroad

Meet these five arms. These five arms are attached to five students who are pretty happy about getting to study and travel at the same time (good for the resume and for fun). We've got loads of options for students who want to give this a go - from learning a language or learning in a school/university, to learning to be a game ranger in South Africa or a surf instructor in Australia. 
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Volunteering programs

We're big fans of traveling the world, but we're also big fans of giving something back to it. Whether it's working with a local community in Fiji, taking care of children in Cape Town, or looking after elephants in Thailand, we've got tons of volunteering projects to inspire you. 
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Student flights (BlueTicket)

Once upon a time, back in 1979, there lived two travelers who'd had enough of inflexible travel. They decided to shake up the airfare game, and created tickets that allowed travelers to design their own routes, have unlimited stopovers, and get the lowest possible price. They were sold on blue paper, and so today, we call them BlueTickets (no creativity wasted there).

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Work abroad

'Work' may instill dread into your deadline-crammed brains, but pair it with 'abroad' and it becomes something entirely different. Work in an amazing destination like Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom and really immerse yourself in the fun of the country! Chill on beaches, wander around charming cities, learn interesting history, and eat incredible food - hello dream world!
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