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Studying abroad can broaden your horizons so much more than hibernating in your room at home with your head in a pile of books. Gain international study experience with our study abroad programs, expand your foreign language skills with our worldwide language classes or give back to a community by teaching young students - the world really is your oyster! 

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As the world's largest student and youth travel company, we've been helping students get the most out of study abroad trips for over 40 years. Discover why we were voted the best youth travel agent at the Global Youth Travel Awards in 2019.


Not only do we negotiate exclusive student airfare, travel insurance and more with study abroad trips in mind, but many of our professional Arizona-based Travel Experts are study abroad alums. Contact us today to start your Study Abroad adventure!

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Top Study Abroad Countries in 2020

Studying abroad is a much more interesting way to learn about the world than reading books at home. Want to gain international study experience with our study abroad programs, expand your foreign language skills with our worldwide language classes or give back to the world and teach others?


Check out some of the top study abroad destinations below, and browse our travel guides for more international inspiration. 

 a red phone booth in the streets of London with the clock tower in the background

Study Abroad in the United Kingdom

The strong ties between the USA and UK make this one of the most popular destinations for Study Abroad students. 

Why study in the UK?
All classes in English, world-renowned universities, fun experiences and great access to the rest of European put the UK on the top of the list for many Americans wanting to study abroad. 

Where to go?
London is an extremely popular place due to it's importance on the global financial and political stage, but there are great placements across all of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 
The back of a young woman making a peace sign with her right hand while overlooking the city of Barcelona and the sea

Study Abroad in Spain

¡Estudia en Espana! Disfruta y enriquece tu experiencia de estudios en el extranjero.

Why study in Spain?
Spanish language immersion, beautiful cities, great culture and fantastic local festivals are just some of the reasons Spain is popular for study abroad classes.

Where to go?
The better question is where not to go! There is so much to see in Spain, from classical Madrid to sunny Malaga to exciting Barcelona. You will find great programs across the country. 
boats docked to the side of the water path in the Dorsoduro district in the city of Venice

Study Abroad in Italy

Say "ciao bella" to this amazing southern European country with a summer, semester or year long study abroad program.

Why study in Italy?
Italy is world renowned for so many things! Art, history, religion, fashion and fantastic food are some of the main reasons students chose Italy.

Where to go?
Many study abroad programs take place in Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan, but great schools can be found throughout the country.
A young woman making the heart symbol with her hands above her head with Arenal volcano in the distance at sunset

Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Discover the meaning of Pura Vida with a study abroad experience in Costa Rica. 

Why study in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise relatively close to the USA, and offers ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the Spanish language. 

Where to go?
Many study abroad students are based in the capital of San José which has convenient access to the rest of the country for weekend and beach breaks. 
back view of two women riding bicycle on a beach

Study Abroad in Australia

Studying, surfing, studying some more, surfing, studying a lot more... you get the picture?

Why study in Australia?
Oz is home to exceptional study abroad programs from some of the world's leading universities to awesome extracurricular activities. Plus, Australia allows students to work locally and earn money while studying! 

Where to go?
Australia is a huge, diverse country, so there are plenty of places to choose from. Cosmopolitan Sydney and trendy Melbourne are great for city lovers, or head to Brisbane in Queensland for a cool beach vibe. 

Language Courses

Language courses and TEFL certification are a great way to spend some time abroad, meet friends from around the world and develop outstanding skills tthat will make your resume stand out. 
a man and teenage boys in white uniform behind inside a class smiling at the camera

International TEFL Courses

Want to learn the skills needed to teach English to speakers of other languages AND and get the opprotunity to experience living in another country?  A TEFL certification course abroad is the way to go! 
a woman in a pink vest reading a book lying on grass in a park

Learn a Language Abroad

There is no better way to learn a new language or brush up your foreign language skills than by traveling to and studying in a country where the language is spoken. It's also a lot more fun and you get to practice with your new found friends! 

Who can study abroad?

Any student can study abroad, but most programs have a GPA requirement (2.0 or higher), and the better your GPA, the better your chances of getting into the program.

When can I study abroad?

Study abroad for a semester, full school year or go for a summer session. Summer sessions are usually just a few weeks long can be on your own or with a group from your school. On your own is more likely to be for a language course in a foreign country. Group trips will be with a school professor and focus on a specific subject, like English, Art History, Archaeology, etc.

Why Study Abroad?

There are many benefits to studying abroad and it doesn’t just look good on your resume and increase your career opportunities. Travelling abroad to widen your skillset also allows you to mingle with international students, learn about different cultures and experience new destinations like a local.

You may have to get out of your comfort zone a little but in return you can learn to adapt to new surroundings and learn about different traits and traditions, gain independence and make lifelong friends.


Where should I study abroad?

This depends on what you want to do, how much time you have etc. Whether you want to study in South or Central America, in a European city or teach English across the continent, our Travel Experts can help you answer this question. Our STA Travel Experts will create the perfect study abroad program tailored to your available length of stay, budget and preferences.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

If you study through your university for one semester or full year, you'll pay tuition to your university because you're still enrolled there - just attending the foreign institution. You'll pay housing to the university at which you're studying and that cost will vary (based on proximity to the university, self-catering or catered). The cost of living will also vary depending on the country and city to which you're going.

How to study abroad?

The process here differs depending on where you want to go and what you want to do but we suggest, planning your Study Abroad experience up to 12 months in advance. For some countries you may require a visa or you may need to go through an application process for specific universities but don’t worry, our Travel Experts can help you out.

Do I get school credit?

You will work this out in advance to make sure you get course and hour equivalency so that you don't fall behind in your degree plan. Classes may count toward your major or may just count as electives. Your study abroad office will help you get this approved with your professors before you go.

Will financial aid apply towards my tuition abroad?

Yes, because you're remaining enrolled in your home university. Scholarships are also available.

What if I only speak English?

No problem! You can go to English-speaking country or, if you'd like to go to non-English speaking country, you can learn enough of the language to get by when you first arrive and take classes to improve your skills. Some programs also offer intense language classes to help you while abroad.

Where will I live?

Housing usually depends on your program. For semester and year-long students, you'll most likely choose from the regular student housing - dorms, flats, apartments. If you're going on a summer session, the accommodation will be pre-arranged.

Will I be able to travel on my own while abroad?

Absolutely, if you're studying during the regular school year. You'll have total control over what you do and when (just make sure to study and write your exam papers). Summer session students will remain with their group and follow an organized itinerary.

How can I better deal with culture shock before I leave?

Chances are you picked where you're going based on interest you already have in being there. Read about the city's and country's history, customs, food, tourism and language (if needed). Also, definitely ask your study abroad office to set up an informal gathering with current "inbound" exchange students. They can tell you anything you want to know about the differences in campus life there and abroad, how their home city is different, where to find the best food, their favorite bars and clubs at home, etc.

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