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Combine TEFL courses with travel

See the world a different way and make a difference in other people's lives with the International TEFL Academy. Combine your TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course with a supported teaching position and get started on a new and rewarding adventure!
Blue Globe Icon Work Worldwide
Enhance your resume with unique experience while teaching in Europe, Asia, Latin America or the Middle East.
blue dim sum icon Cultural Immersion
Live like a local and embrace a foreign culture. Make new friends and obtain a global network of freinds and colleagues
blue shaking hands icon Change Lives
Provide your students with an education that will help them succeed in their own goals and dreams. 

Why teach English as a foreign language?

We're strong advocates of giving back to the communities we visit on our travels, and that's why we love TEFL so much. Not only do you get to add something impressive to your resume, but you get to make money to use on your travels and enriching other's lives. It's the best way to live locally, learn about the culture and see spots that are off the tourist trail. 


Whether you just want to do an online TEFL course, or you'd like to combine it with a supported TEFL teaching position, we've got the goods. Download the International TEFL Academy brochure now for more information. 

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TEFL courses

Get the essential qualification for teaching overseas. International TEFL Academy offers internationally accredited TEFL classes both online and in 25 locations around the world. All classes are taught by university-level professors & include practice teaching.


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Teach English Abroad

Get personalized advice and assistance with job search, country requirements, teaching placements and finding the best teaching position for you from the ITA experts. 

TEFL Courses: Your questions answered

Why take a TEFL course?

Having a TEFL course under your belt opens you up to lots of different opportunities - you can travel and work in so many locations across the world, such as Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea - there are even guaranteed teaching jobs available each month for a variety of countries. It'll look really impressive on your resume for future jobs as it's a recognized qualification, and learning as part of a TEFL course is nothing like the bland learning environment you used to have at school. It's interactive, and you'll get personalized feedback from your own TEFL tutor, who will ensure you feel totally prepared before you leave to teach overseas. 

Can I do a TEFL course without a degree?

Yes and no, you can take the course itself without having a degree, but you need to research the country you want to teach in first, as some countries require you to have a degree in order to obtain a visa, where others don't.

Do I need teaching experience to take a TEFL course?

Absolutely not - some people are great teachers without having any experience. All you need is drive, passion and a willingness to learn - and a good understanding of the English language, of course. If you're not a native English speaker you'll have to show how much you know.

Will I need to speak the local language?

It wouldn't hurt to try and brush up on some local sayings to help you get by, but it's not a necessity as you're there to teach English, and people want to learn English! There'll be loads of opportunities once you're out there to learn the lingo, and you might even be able to bag yourself some free lessons from a new colleague/at the school.

How long does a TEFL course take?

This totally depends on how quick or slow you want to go - you've got between 6 weeks and 3 months to complete the course, as we understand you need to be able to fit it around other commitments. Combined courses are slightly different, as the classroom part of it is done over a weekend - but you get to pick the place and the time. 

Are there any eligibility requirements for the TEFL courses?

There's no long list of eligibility requirements in order to take a TEFL course, as long as you've got the determination, passion and willingness to learn, you can learn a TEFL course. You don't need to be a native English speaker, but if you aren't you'll be asked to demonstrate how well you know the English language before being accepted on to the course. 

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