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Multi-city flights

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Whether you're taking a gap year to study, teach or volunteer abroad or just looking for something out of the ordinary, with a multi-city flight ticket from STA Travel, you can travel further and discover more of this amazing planet.

Create a trip that is uniquely yours or choose from our sample multi-city trips. Whatever you're looking for, our travel experts can help you create your perfect multi-city adventure.

What is a multi-city flight?

Our multi-city flight tickets allow you to travel to multiple places around the world in your own time. Tick off places that you want to see, from London to Tel Aviv, Bangkok to Tokyo, Sydney to Auckland, Argentina to Ecuador, you can create your own adventure or pick one of our sample itineraries.
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How to book your multi-city flights


Get inspired online

Take a look at our top multi-city routes online, or gather ideas for creating your own itinerary. We fly to destinations all over the world - so wherever you want to go, we can make it happen.

call an expert

Call our multi-city experts

When you're ready to get started, give our dedicated multi-city flight experts team a call on 800.781.4040*, or book an appointment in store to meet us face to face!

plan rtw

Plan and book your trip

We'll help you find the best route to fit your budget. Once you've booked your multi-city flights, our Travel Experts can help you plan your gap year experience and sort out your visas, tours, hotels, travel insurance and give you some handy travel tips!

Book an appointment in store or speak to our Travel Experts now toll free at 800 781 4040*

Westeros & Beyond: New multi-city route from $702!

Hold on to your shields, die-hard GOT fans, because we're about to take your 'geeking out' international, with our new multi-city route! Get a piece of all the brooding, mythical, fantasy action in Reykjavik, Dublin, Barcelona and Croatia. Best get practising your Jon Snow impression...
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Multi-city flight Routes

Looking for some inspiration? Here are our most popular multi-city flight routes, which you can call us to book or add in a few extra stops to create your own.
The Bobby Dazzler
LA > RIO - make your own way to - SAO PAULO - JOHANNESBURG - make your own way to - NAIROBI > LONDON > DELHI - make your own way to - MUMBAI > COLOMBO > HONG KONG > FIJI > SYDNEY - make your own way to - MELBOURNE > CHRISTCHURCH - make your own way to - AUCKLAND > PAPEETE > LA
Student/Under 26 from $3449
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Across the Pond
NEW YORK > REYKJAVIK > PARIS - make your own way to - MADRID > RIO - make your own way to - LIMA > SAN JOSE > CANCUN > NEW YORK
Student/Under 26 from $1539
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Work in Australia
The Hula Hoop
LA > BANGKOK - make your own way to - PHUKET > KUALA LUMPUR > BORNEO > BALI > MANILA > LA
Student/Under 26 from $1759
View this route
The Mighty Mighty
Student/Under 26 from $1999
View this Route
Kwik Fire Kiwi
Student/Under 26 from $1699
View this Route
The Big Dozen
From $2369
View this Route
Espresso Yourself
NEW YORK > MILAN - make your own way to - ROME > DUBAI > BANGKOK > SYDNEY > NEW YORK
Student/Under 26 from $2059
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Fly South For the Winter
Student/Under 26 from $2499
View this route
Work in Australia
Biltong to the Big 5
NEW YORK > DUBAI > CAPE TOWN - make your own way to - JOHANNESBURG > ZANZIBAR - make your own way to - NAIROBI > NEW YORK
Students/Under 26 from $1929
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Why book with STA Travel?

Book your multi-city flights and plan your Gap Year

Study Abroad
Take your studies to the next level/destination. Visit an international classroom whether it's in an exotic country, a historic European city or Asian metropolis, studying abroad certainly helps broaden your horizon!
Learn a Language Abroad
Boost your language skills on an adventure abroad with our organized language courses in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Work Abroad
Working abroad let's you get to know a destination more than any vacation could. Get to know new cultures , make new friends and earn some dollar dollar bills in the meantime.
Immerse yourself into a community and give something back tot the world. We help you find the best volunteering project for you and assist with planning your trip.

Around the World in 120 Seconds: STA Travel | Director's Cut

Barcelona, Cape Town, Ho Chi Minh, Sydney, Rio... You might have a year to explore the world, but we've summed up a multi-city adventure in less than two minutes!

How do multi-city flight Tickets work?

In short, a multi-city flight ticket with STA Travel enables you to discover multiple countries around the world with one all-inclusive flight itinerary. Simply speak with one of our knowledgeable Travel Experts, let them know where you’d like to visit and they’ll find you the best possible deal.

How much does a multi-city flight Ticket cost?

The cost of a multi-city flight ticket varies depending on the amount of stops and distance travelled, ranging from $1539 to $3499 but you can still travel around the world for under $2000 - just check out our Mighty Mighty and Across the Pond routes! If you're a student or under 30 years old, you can take advantage of our exclusive BlueTicket fares to save more money or book further in advance to get the best deals.

I'm not a student, can I still book?

Absolutely! Students, teachers and fully-grown adults... Multi-city flights for all adventurers! No matter who you are, with our Price Beat Guarantee we have the cheapest, most flexible and unique airfares on the market.

Do I have to fly around the world?

No, some tickets will take you all the way around the world in one general direction, but if you're not into that, you can go out and back the same way or just casually circle a continent or two. We even do one-way multi-city trips for when you're headed somewhere for your gap year adventure and want to explore a few countries on the way.