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back view of a man overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil


Travel guide

Brazil is hot on the travel bucket list this year as this truly is this country's time to shine! From the pulse-pounding street life of Rio to the depths of the Amazon, the idyllic shores of Ilha Grande to the vibrancy of Salvador, Brazil rewards travelers with an incredible mix of culture, wildlife, chillout vibes and cosmopolitan beats. Experience the best of Brazil in all its glory and let STA Travel help you plan your adventure!

Brazil Fast Facts

language in brazil

Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Brazil is Portugese

Brazilian currency


Name: Brazilian real
Code: BRL
Symbol: R$
100BRL is approx $31.30

time zone brazil

Time Zone

Time Zone: Amazon Time Zone (UTC-04:00) Fernando de Noronha Time Zone (UTC-02:00) and Brasilia Time (UTC-03:00)

Highlights of Brazil



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Iguassu Falls

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Ilha Grande

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travel guide

Top places to visit in Brazil

Beautiful beaches, active tours in the jungle, lazing about in a bungalow... which floats your boat? We've rounded up the best places to visit in Brazil.
street view of the Sao Paulo city in Brazil
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo is a large sprawling city of 11 million, and the tourist attractions are spread out.  Enjoy the art and the shops while the sun is shining and soak up the rich culture, food and bars by night.  Laze by the lakes in Ibirapuera Park where you can even borrow books from the unique Bosque de Leitura (Reading Woods).  Another highlight is the Snake Farm where you can see snakes, scorpions, and spiders from around the world.
aerial view of the Eixo Monumental in Brazil
The planned city of Brasilia was built in only four years and was designed to impress.  Houses along the wings of the airplane shaped city all look out onto park and wide boulevards lead to the center.  Take the time to check out the modernist architecture such as the Square of the Three Powers, the Palace of Justice and Brasilia Cathedral.
back view of a man looking at a colorful graffiti on a wall
São Luis
São Luis is one of the liveliest and most photogenic urban areas of Brazil, offering great beaches, delicious seafood and a thriving live music scene.  If you’re into reggae you’ll be right at home in Sao Luis as there are regular live outdoor performances and weekend parties.  Wednesday’s have also been established as a big reggae night.
people walking upwards a sandy dune on the beach of Florianopolis during sunset
Over one hundred beaches grace the coast of Florianopolis.  Head to Praia Mole in summer for a touch of Ibiza, when international dance-music DJs play outdoor sets.  Praia Joaquina is a great place for sand boarding, as the dunes reach speed-gathering heights behind the pretty beach.  Or try Praia Brava, a great spot for surfing.

Brazil Fast Facts

cost of beer in brazil


A bottle of Brazilian Brahama can cost 6R$ (approx $1.90) while a can of soda can cost around 2.3R$ (approx 70c).

cost of food in brazil


Stick to local specialities and you can keep food costs down, with lunches costing around 5R$ to 8R$ ($2/$2.50), while dinner costs between 8R$ and 13R$ ($2.50-$4). The more touristy the area, the more the prices will rise.

cost of taxi in brazil

Taxi Ride

Need a taxi? Fares start at about 5R$ (approx. $1.55) with each extra km being an extra 2.70R$, which works out at less than a dollar per km.

transport in brazil


Transport in Brazil is pretty cheap with a one-way ticket on public transport likely to cost you around 3.80R$ ($1.20).

hostels in brazil


Hostel go-ers are sure to find a great deal in Brazil but prices are really interchangeable. Generally, a room in a hostel dorm will cost you between 24R$ and 62R$ a night (approx $7.50-$19.50).

hotels in brazil


There are a range of accommodation options in Brazil. For a midrange double room, you can expect to pay around 160R$ (approx $50).

How to get to Brazil

Brazil is huge. It dominates most of the continent and is bordered by ten of the twelve South American countries, making it fairly easy to enter by land. Most travelers start their Brazilian adventure by flying straight into Rio, but there are lots of other airports across the country, including Sao Paulo. Search for cheap flights to Brazil with STA Travel.
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Adventures and experiences in Brazil

Brazil is a vast country so getting the most out of your trip requires careful planning. Alternatively take a look at some of our amazing tours and volunteering projects and let the details be taken care of for you.
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Brazil Adventure Tours

aerial view of the statue of Christ on Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro
In Search of Iguassu | 17 Days
Discover the best that Brazil and Argentina have to offer on this fantastic 17-day adventure. Feel the spray of Iguassu Falls, soak up the sun on the paradise island of Ilha Grande, get your samba on in Rio and explore cosmopolitan Sao Paulo.
back view of a girl looking at the Latin American market streets
Brazil & Argentina on a Shoestring | 11 Days
Experience the treasures of Argentina and Brazil in this jam-packed trip. From tango in Buenos Aires to sun and surf in Rio, explore two of the continents most vibrant capitals. Marvel at the majesty of Iguassu Falls and chill out on beautiful beaches with caipirinhas.
view of the Iguassu waterfall on a sunny day from below
Wonders of Brazil | 13 Days
Minimise travelling times and make the most of your time at some of Brazil's best destinations. Flying from Sao Paul to Iguassu and from Campo Grande to Rio means more freedom to explore the waterfalls, beaches and wildlife on offers. Throw in some cacaha and you've got yourself a sizzler.

What's the weather like in Brazil?

Rainy seasons occur from January to April in the north, April to July in the northeast and November to March in the Rio and São Paulo area.  The driest part of the country is the northeast, where rainfall is irregular and the evaporation rate very high.
For the most up to the minute weather information go to the World weather website.
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What vaccinations do I need for Brazil?

There are no required vaccinations to enter Brazil, but we recommend Hepatitis A and B, antimalarial tablets, typhoid and rabies depending on the area and activities you have planned. We advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance for your stay, practice strict mosquito bite avoidance at all times and seek pre-travel health advice from your provider 6-8 weeks in advance of travel.

What is the best way of getting around Brazil?

Brazil has a great bus system which is cheap and comfy – avoid high seat numbers to keep away from the toilets on long distance journeys, you can thank us later! You can use air taxis though these often stop several times and so are not best for anyone scared of flying! Renting a car is an option too but you need to be aware that road quality is not the best in all parts of the country and there are a lot of very speedy drivers!

Do I need a visa for Brazil?

No. U.S. citizens are able to visit for up to 90 days from the date of entry without a visa, and visitors can request to extend that stay to 180 days within a 12-month period.  For the most up to date information, we would suggest speaking to an Embassy.

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