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Iceland travel guide

Trips to Iceland really are all about the clichés - jaw-dropping scenery, natural wonders and arctic wildlife. Get planning your Icelandic adventure with our handy travel inspiration, cheap flights to Iceland and amazing Iceland tours!


Iceland Currency


Name: Icelandic Króna
Code: ISK
Symbol: kr

Languages in Iceland

Languages Spoken

The official language is Icelandic, but other European languages such as Polish, English and German are widely spoken.

Iceland time zone

Time Zones

Greenwich Mean Time

Welcome to Iceland

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Iceland and why it's becoming the ultimate go-to destination for many travelers. Not only does it have the magical Northern Lights, but it's the perfect destination for a road trip. Packed with plenty of mountains and scenic landscapes - not to mention epic volcanoes where you can literally venture inside as part of a guided tour, you'll feel like you really are making a journey to the center of the Earth!
A female dressed in coat looking at a lake and snow covered mountains


illustrated beers clinking


In Iceland, you can spend between 800-1,100kr on a domestic beer whereas a coffee could between 450-600kr.

illustrated chopsticks and noodles


A meal in an inexpensive restaurant could range between 1,500-2,800kr or a meal at a fast food chain can cost between 1,300-1,800kr.

illustrated tuk tuk with people handing out the sides

Taxi Ride

Catching a taxi on a basic tariff will cost around 3,299kr. Avoid expensive airport taxis!

illustrated thai style boat


Straetó buses operate in and around Reykjavik. There's also car rental options from around 490kr per week.

illustrated man in a hammock


A hostel bed in Iceland can cost between 8,000-14,000kr for a night's stay.

illustrated hotel building


The key to hotels in Iceland is booking early to avoid disappointment! A night averages at 30,000kr or around 20,000 for a single bedroom.

The green Northern Lights in a black night sky

Best time to visit Iceland

It's no secret that Iceland has become a hugely popular destination to visit, with many avid travelers wanting to catch that all important glimpse of the Northern Lights. For those who are indeed looking to do that specifically, the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is between September - March where the days are slightly longer. Temperatures are also icier between December - February so make sure to wear extra layers!
a back view of hikers climbing a glacier

Things to do in Iceland

Whether you are looking to feel the full force of nature exploring Iceland’s “Golden Triangle”, See the vivid, bright colors of the Northern Lights dance across the sub-Arctic sky or relax in the world-famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, we have the perfect tour for your Iceland vacation.