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The Philippines

Travel Guide

Emerald rice terraces, idyllic beaches, world class diving, tribal villages and jungle covered peaks - you shouldn't take much convincing to book a trip to the Philippines. Known as a diving and island-hopping paradise, the Philippines is a firm favorite for adventurous travelers, with a great mix of beach, jungle and cultural attractions.

Philippines Fast Facts


Languages Spoken

The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. More people speak Filipino than English, but English is widely spoken.



Name: Philippine Peso
Code: PHP
Symbol: ₱


Time Zones

The Philippines (GMT +8)

Top Places in the Philippines

With around 7,500 islands, the Philippines makes up part of the world's largest archipelago. Picking where to go can be tough, as there is so much to see, but here are a few of our favorite destinations to get you started.








Philippines Travel Costs


Beer in the Philippines is very cheap, compared to in the States. A bottle of local beer will usually cost you around a $1, whilst imported beer will be nearer double the price.


A meal from a cheap restaurant or café will normally set you back about $3, whilst a dinner in a mid-range restaurant might cost between $10-$15. If you're on a budget, be adventurous and grab lunch from a street food stall for cents.

Taxi Ride

Taxis in the Philippines are inexpensive and are run on the meter. Journeys will cost anything from $0.50 to $5, depending on traffic.



You're more likely to book a ferry or banka ticket over a bus journey in the Philippines. Either way, tickets are not expensive. Boat tickets can be cheap, but for longer journeys we recommend going with the bigger companies for the safer more enjoyable ride.



A dorm bed in a hostel will cost between $8 and $12, where a single room can range up to $20 per night.



A room in a midrange hotel would be somewhere between $40 and $60.

capilano vancouver

Philippines Highlights






The Islands






Diving in the Philippines






Banuae Rice Terraces







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Philippines Adventure Tours

Philippines - Manila to Boracay on a shoestring
Pick somewhere different to go for your next adventure like, really different. These ten days in the gorgeous northern half of the Philippines will stay with you forever.
10 days from $1,119 | Was $1,399!
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Southern Philippines Palawan Adventure
It would take several lifetimes to explore the 6,000-plus islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago, but since youve only got one to spare, spend it in the South. A haven for sunbathers and spelunkers alike, the Southern Philippines are a thrill to discover both above ground and under.
9 days from $1,519 | Was $1,899  - Up to 20% off!
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North & South Philippines on a Shoestring
With a little more time on your hands, book this 16 day adventure in the Philippines. Relax on the perfect island beaches, snorkel in crystal waters and get a real feel of Filipino culture on a homestay.
16 days from $2,239 | Was $2,799 - 20% off!
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How do I travel the Philippines alone?

Lots of solo travelers visit the Philippines without any problems at all. As English is widely spoken, it is easy to get directions from locals and you are able to book buses and ferries easily. A great way to travel the Philippines when alone is by booking onto an adventure tour or island-hopping trip. This is great way to meet fellow travelers and make new friends along the way.  

How to travel the Philippines on a budget

The cost of living in the Philippines is very low in comparison to the United States. Food and drink can cost less than a dollar, and there are plenty of budget accommodation options available. Getting around the islands by ferry is the cheapest way to travel, but this can take a lot longer than internal flights so leave plenty of time to get around.
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