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Tokyo travel guide

Japan's capital is one of the largest cities in the world. From the crazy zebra crossing of Shibuya and its glittering neon lights, to shopping in trendy Harajuku and dining on incredible sushi at Tsukiji, Tokyo is a city like no other.

Tokyo Neighborhoods

As capital of Japan, its fair to say that Tokyo has some pretty amazing neighborhoods to explore. Check out our top recommendations below!
The white bars of a street cross walk and high end stores on the opposite side of the street


The ultimate fashion hub in Tokyo. Think luxury shopping and flagship department stores! Top tip: The best time to visit is in the afternoon (at weekends) when the centrally located Chuo Dori street is closed from all traffic.
A view of a female looking down a busy Tokyo street from behind


The Harajuku neighborhood is the birthplace of unique Japanese fashion. A trip around the Harajuku neighborhood will take you around a range of vintage stores, quirky cafés and fashion boutiques.
A yellow tokyo taxi driving past many tall well lit buildings of Shinjuku at night


Don't be fooled by Shinjuku's bustling and busy exterior! Get ready for authentic Japanese cuisine and hours of shopping 'till you drop. West of Shinjuku station you will also find the Skyscraper District, which is home to many of Tokyo's tallest buildings.
Three rows of many white paper lanterns with Japanese characters on each and a pagoda


The Asakusa area of Tokyo is known for its traditional events, and the nearby Senso-ji Temple which is Tokyo's oldest Buddhist temple.

Top things to do in Tokyo

  • Mount Fuji
    Probably the most iconic image associated with Japan, Mount Fuji is located about 60 miles southwest of Tokyo and is well worth seeing for yourself.
  • Shibuya crossing
    Known as one of the busiest intersections in the world, the Shibuya crossing encompasses everything Tokyo is all about: bright lights and an electric atmosphere. One of those things you have to tick off your bucket list when visiting Japan!
  • Ueno Park and Zoo
    Ueno Park has it all! A zoo, museums and even an aquarium. What's not to love?
  • The Meiji Shrine
    The Meiji Shrine is considered one of Tokyo's most important religious sites. Although you are not allowed to take photos from the inside, you are allowed to explore its grand halls.
  • The Tokyo Skytree
    2800 feet tall, the Tokyo Skytree offers panoramic views of the city and even has its own restaurant.
  • Tokyo Tower
    A popular tourist attraction, the tower also gives you a birds eye view of the city from the main observatory.

Tours and activities in Tokyo

A view of the Chidorigafuchi Green Way with a river and blooming cherry blossoms

Hop-On Hop-off Bus Day-Pass

Discover the sites of Tokyo from the comfort of a double decker bus. Valid for 24-hours, this Hop-On Hop-off Bus Day-Pass gives you the freedom to explore Tokyo at your own pace.
A man dressed in winter clothing looking at a lake and a distant snow capped mount fuji

Japan Express: Osaka to Tokyo

Offering the perfect first-time introduction to Japan, the Japan Express, a short but sweet adventure captures the many faces and flavors of this intriguing and unique country. From the neon lights of Osaka to the fascinating history of Hiroshima, and from the magnificent temples and gardens of Kyoto to the sheer craziness of Tokyo, the Japan Express packs quite a punch.

What is the best time to visit Tokyo?

The great thing about visiting Tokyo is that it's pretty much a year-round destination. Springtime is usually between March-May with the national holiday (also known as Golden Week) running from around the 29 April - 5th May - although this varies each year - and is considered the time to avoid visiting, due to large crowds. For the best of the summer, visit between June to August but be warned for rising temperatures up to 30°C/85°F.

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