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Legendary highways, bustling cities, national parks, surf-strewn coastal roads and tumbleweed deserts - with 50 states to choose from, traveling in your own back yard can turn into an epic adventure. Explore the sun-kissed West Coast or learn about America's political history on the East. Check out our USA Travel Guide for tips on where to go, what to do and how to get there.

USA Fast Facts

Languages Spoken

82% of the population speak English.

The remaining speak Spanish, other Indo-European languages, Asian, Pacific Island languages and other.


Name: Dollar
Code: USD
Symbol: $

Time Zones

Eastern Standard time (GMT - 5)
Central time (GMT - 6)
Mountain Time (GMT - 7)
Pacific Time (GMT - 8)
Hawaiian Time (GMT – 10)
Alaskan Time (GMT – 9)

Top Cities in the USA

From sunny beaches of San Diego to the buzzing streets of New York, the United States has something for everyone. From the Empire State Building, the Hollywood sign, Chicago's Bean, the Golden Gate Bridge and Las Vegas Neon Museum you're sure to find an adventure that suits you.

New York


Los Angeles


San Francisco



USA Fast Facts


In a New York bar, you'll spend between $5-$8 on a bottle of beer while in other cities it could be around $3.50.

*Remember that you need to be 21 to drink in the USA.


Lunch from a cheap café or food truck can be between $5 and $9, while dinner in a restaurant would be nearer $25 to $60 per person.

Taxi Ride

Taxis and rideshare apps can be expensive in the States. You will find with most city cabs that they run on meters. Budget travelers should use cheaper buses or subway transport.



Travel on buses and subways will cost between $2 to $3. Car rentals are available from $30 a day and we have campervans from $40!



Dorm beds in hostels cost between $25 and $40. Budget motels would be around $60 to $80 for a double.



A double room in a 3 star hotel can be between $100 and $250.

new york

USA Highlights






The Southern States

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USA Theme Parks

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The Big Cities

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USA Mini Adventures

Explore Trips

What to do with 1-2 weeks in the USA

usa tour
Sin, Surf & Sierras Tour - 9 days
This 9 day tour is ideal for those wanting to explore West Coast USA in under 2 weeks. Fly into Las Vegas and fly out of LA, taking in the city sights as well as trips to Yosemite National Park, Death Valley and San Francisco.
Best of the West - 14 Days
The USA is so jam-packed with famous sights, it could literally take years to see it all. See the best of the West Coast, USA from the neon lights of Las Vegas; to the laid back vibes of San Diego and San Francisco; and all the national parks in between on a two week adventure. 
Best of the US Express - 14 Days
From Washington DC to Nashville and New Orleans to Los Angeles, the USA has some epic cities to visit. Shop till you drop, see the world of the rich and famous, dine in famous restaurants and chill out in style - exploring your own country has never been so easy!

What to do in under a week in the USA

New York to Chicago Road Trip - 6 days
Start this adventure in New York and travel through 5 states on your way to Chicago. Check off must-see spots such as Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls and Cedar Point Amusement Park.
Music, Mountains & Monuments Eastbound - 7 days
From the Big Easy to the Big Apple, this road trip swings north along the East Coast and captures the best cities, historical monuments, and beautiful scenery from New Orleans to New York and everything in between.

Celebrating National Parks

Hit the road this summer and get inspired by the United State's jaw-droppingly beautiful national parks. We recently celebrated 100 amazing years of natural beauty, adventure and a bright future for the country's 407 national parks. Don't miss out on your very own outdoor experience!

USA National Park Tours

Glacier national park
National Parks of the Northwest - 15 Days
This epic 15 day tour starts in Seattle and takes you around the Northwest. You'll see the geysers at Yellowstone, towering peaks at Glacier National Park, the chill vibes of Portland and more.
National Parks (Summer) - 3 days
Start off in Las Vegas and travel through three states and three national parks. See the southwest's greatest sights from Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, the legendary Grand Canyon and more. Looking for a longer adventure? Check out our 7 Day tour here
San Francisco to Yosemite - 3 days
Explore Northern California with this short break. With your group, you'll hike goregous trails, see the giant sequoias, pristine waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife before heading back to the hippy vibes of San Francisco!

When is the best time to visit the USA?

June to August is the most popular month to travel in, because the weather is best at this time, however it is also the most expensive time to visit most popular states like Californa and New York! New England, Oregon and Washington tend to be rainier and less predictable during the summer months. Heat waves are common in the Southwest during summer. 

The Pacific Northwest states are generally temperate while the south, east coast and Midwest are more humid all year round. Winters in the northern states can be bitter but snow is an advantage for winter sports lovers, but the southern states are sunny nearly year-round.

Tornado season arrives in the Midwest between April and June, and hurricanes are common in early summer along the southern East Coast and Gulf of Mexico coast - TV and radio will broadcast warnings for both, but the chances of encountering one on a short visit are remote. 


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